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Khao San reopening: Most of the tourist street remains shuttered - response to opening lukewarm


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Picture: PPTV 36


Thai media PPTV 36 went to Khao San Road in Bangkok yesterday ahead of the much heralded "reopening of Thailand to foreign tourists" today.


They found it mostly shut. Even Chatuchak market was a shadow of its former self.


Normally Khao San would have been doing a great trade for Halloween with Thais and foreigners rubbing shoulders.


The media reported that very little had been done to spruce up the street or individual bars or restaurants.


Bucking the trend was Rocco Bar (1976) who had an ad on Facebook announcing they would be open at 5 pm today.


They posted pictures of better times online.


Their boss Thanupong Paemsitsaicharoenkij said people just wanted to go out and eat and drink.


He complained that the regulations surrounding 9 pm closing were unclear. 


Would he have to turf out patrons at 9 pm, could he seat new ones walking in the street at that time - he appeared to have no idea blaming the BMA and the government for a complete lack of clarity and creating confusion.


He noted that SHA establishments that could serve alcohol might be ready - many were not.


PPTV said that there were 1,350 such establishments in Bangkok.


They needed to follow lots of Covid protocols - SHA+ establishments faced even more draconian restrictions to get their accreditation.


They also went to Chatuchak weekend market - in pre-pandemic times bustling with mostly foreign clientele and shoppers.


It was half open but traders reported 10-20% of peak income after some opened in October.


They were hoping for the best if and when foreign tourists return. 


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20 minutes ago, mokwit said:

Having revamped it to make it more suitable for Chinese tour groups they will now have to await the return of the Chinese.

1 to 2 years according to friends in Beijing and Xian. Still 3 weeks quarantine on return in most places.

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1 hour ago, billd766 said:

None of the so-called leaders of Thailand have ever been a tourist staying in an area similar to Khao San road nor have they ever tried to run a country. They are laying down rules and regulations military style and woe betide those who fail to obey those rules.


I don't think that they deliberately set out to destroy the economy of Thailand but they are making a good job of it.

I think that half of the problem with Pinnochio and his goons is that unlike western cultures when it's ok to challenge or question authority, here it's not ok. Not even to suggest an idea to the boss and have him/her think about it.

To make things worse, in the military it's also not ok.

So we have a military Thai government trying to run a country, but both the military and national cultures aren't favourable to new or fresh ideas or senior ideas being questioned.

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But I plan to maybe visit KSR on Saturday afternoon, that's a week into the 'open country' period and being a Saturday might mean there are more people around. I'm talking about people who live here, as I certainly don't expect to see more than a few tourists.

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the article is pretty much hot air and a waste of space as it's clearly too early to tell what the thailand pass uptake will be.


however, despite recent investment and upgrading of accommodations khao san road remains primarily a backpacker/budget traveler destination, and a lot of fun it can be for those types - as it was for me 25/30 years ago. these tourists are probably not going to be impressed with the compulsory expensive two night quarantine stay or the mandatory insurance.


the article would have more value if it delved a little deeper.

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