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Brit 'tourist' murdered by scythe in Kanchanaburi - friend in hospital - loud music blamed


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So very sad indeed and yes RIP and normally it would be the other way around and accepted that loud music would be played at a wedding or special occasions and that would be no problem and a get together of a few friends.
There are also very many other instances of very annoying noises at all hours of the night  by bike riders but also and not just from the Soi dogs but so-called pets which are not properly trained and allowed to bark and bark  for a very long time and disturb a lot of peoples sleep and people do get very upset and most sleep at night and not during the day as these dangerous dogs do.
I do hear of people rattling their metal doors and also understandably occasionally  some swearing and yes even from the most mild mannered.
Sometimes, I really believe that they care more about any animal before any human beings and yes including their own family but yes of course the proper pet lovers look after their dogs and family too.
So cheap the price of  life but same as when one is owed a substantial amount of money and then you hear it was given as a gift but they drive top of the range cars and own loads of land.

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4 minutes ago, Jingthing said:

Almost definitely linked to the victims being f-rangs.

Sure these f-rangs behaved badly but insinuations that they deserved this murderous attack are truly nauseating.

Who has been insinuating that they deserved to be attacked ?

Has someone in this thread being doing that or have to ben speaking to locals or has that been reported in the media ?

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