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Search on for tourist wanted for illegal fishing in southern marine park


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I don't care if it costs 10,000,000 baht, I want our Trident Subs on Defcon 5, tanks to close all roads heading north, and every possible Navy Seal on red alert.


Call up the CIA, pay them another 100,000,000.....


Hold on, I just got a text.................5 billion dollar bounty.    Oh, snap.


I gotta get to work.

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My 2 Bob's worth says he was at a restraunt bigging himself up playing Bwana the fish whisperer from the tanks you pick your meal from.

I could be wrong however 

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48 minutes ago, Asquith Production said:

It I go and take some pics of Thais illegally fishing, which I could do, then post it all over social media. Will their still be this over the top reaction?

Right or wrong, you'll get sued for defamation! They are quite fragile.





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