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Thai taekwondo fighter wins gold at Paris World Taekwondo Grand Prix


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9 hours ago, webfact said:

2020 Olympic gold medallist Panipak Wongpattanakit won the Paris 2022 World Taekwondo Grand Prix championship on Friday, in the women’s 49kg category, at the Parc des sports Marcel-Cerdan in Paris.

Still going strong... best of luck to her.

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Well done. Thailand does tend to do well in the lighter weights. My 'star' pupil', about the same weight, managed to get into Thai stunt TV and Film but in her early days failed in competition Kireugi due to having 'juvenile' Asthma which disappeared 2-3 years later.

But it isn't easy easy for the small Thai. Twenty or so years ago the body armour was a lot less in weight and restriction but Kukkiwon started changing the rules, certain kicks were not allowed and others introduced (previously not allowed) But there you go, Kukkiwon has control of <deleted> Tae Kwon Do and one has to either fall n line or move on elsewhere.

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