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Two Russian tourists robbed of thousands of dollars from same Pattaya hotel


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1 minute ago, Woof999 said:

I hope the police recover all of the stolen money and pass it on to some displaced Ukrainians ASAP.

Those guys have some 'spailing to do first.

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59 minutes ago, looplaw said:
1 hour ago, Salerno said:

Cash is king :coffee1:

Sounds like insurance scam. What thief would not take it all!

No it doesn't.  Most travel insurance policies impose low limits (a few hundred) for stolen cash claims unless there was a special endorsement to the policy.


"What thief would not take it all!"

The thief who didn't want to be caught, perhaps, and thought that it may not have been noticed then maybe went back later for further 'withdrawals'.

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56 minutes ago, Shop mak said:

And both possible robbery victims, have exchange slip to prove that they brought so much cash with them

No, they would not have to prove how much cash they brought with them. They would only have to prove the loss of the amount that they would be trying to claim from their insurer and that would, usually, be very limited on most travel policies.

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cash in a hotel safe in pattaya is easy pickings i usually leave 1k baht note deliberately

Staff check all safes especially key card door entry ones they record all movement,

Staff rarely prosecuted hotels have massive protection here when it come to tourism

but we all know russians lie so "som nam na" 

There is a limit of 10k US out of Russia


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42 minutes ago, persimmon said:

Why would anyone put all their valuables in a small box in the room , when an unknown number of people have keys to open it ?

"Why would anyone put all their valuables in a small box..."

They didn't, they put the cash in "safes" for which, this century, almost none have keys.

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