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German Man's Drunken Outburst: Sets Fire to His House and Burns Relative's Car


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4 hours ago, BritManToo said:

Nah, he paid for what he thought was his final home, in her name, and she wanted him out.

No mental illness, apart from trusting his wife.

Entirely understandable IMHO.


Well then he's a loser. Rent a room. Women are a dime a dozen.



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4 hours ago, bbko said:

What's up with the drunk Germans these days?  I was out with my wife the other night 2 days ago and as we are walking to the restaurant, there's a crowd of Thais and I see they are checking on a unconscious 70 y/o ish farang on the sidewalk.  I see he's a foreigner, and I'm a ex-paramedic so I stop and see if I can help. The Thais call for an ambulance and as we're waiting, I try to determine why he's laying on the sidewalk. A few minutes of "Mister, are you ok?" and he rolls over and throws up, he starts to come around just as the medics arrive and he's a mix of belligerent and giddy. Turned out he was a drunk German, he declined the ambulance ride to the hospital and kept asking me if I'd go drink with him. 555, I tell him he's had enough to drink and it's better to go home, problem is he can't walk, the medics call for the police and I continue on with my night.

Kudos to you for helping out

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