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Thai PM says he opposes the recreational use of cannabis


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2 hours ago, 2baht said:

Take it up with Anutin!

Anutin agrees with him


Thai Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul said he expected legal cannabis production to boost the economy but cautioned that recreational use of the drug remains illegal.


Harsh penalties remain in place under the Public Health Act, including up to three months in jail and an $800 fine for smoking cannabis in public.



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17 hours ago, webfact said:

The PM has made it clear that he opposes the idea of legalising recreational cannabis. But he said he supports the use of cannabis for medical purposes, which will remain the government’s policy during his time in office.

So is he going to openly challenge Anutin and close down all the street vendors, along with all the shops that sprang up that don't have a resident doctor to diagnose symptoms and prescribe the drug.

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Just now, jacko45k said:

Good, do the country a favour and ban it again, deter any of those silly potheads seeking a 'where am I man' holiday. A few million more Chinese and Indian tourists a far better option!

It's hard to believe anyone could be so naive in this day and age! Now, damnit, where the hell am I, man ??? ????

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