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Chiang Mai singer Farm faces legal action for setting trousers on fire on stage


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Chiang Mai administration officials detained a well-known singer for setting his trousers on fire during a live performance, a violation of Thai law. The incident occurred at an entertainment venue in the Chang Phueak district at around 11.30pm yesterday. Farm, the lead vocalist of the band MOONHUNTERS, was performing on stage when he doused his trousers in fuel and set them alight, much to the excitement and cheers of the audience.


The act, which posed a significant risk to both the performer and the public, was in violation of several laws, including those related to fire safety and public endangerment. The performer cooperated fully with the officials, travelling to Chang Phueak Police Station alongside his band members and the owner of the restaurant in the Chang Sri Phum area.


As a result of the dangerous incident, a discussion took place about the risks associated with such reckless behaviour. The officials warned 29 year old Krit or Farm about the potential for accidents, not only for himself but also for the audience and the venue.


They also highlighted the legal ramifications that could arise from such actions. The singer, being a public figure, could inadvertently influence others to mimic his dangerous behaviour, increasing the risk of more incidents in the future. Therefore, they requested his cooperation in adhering to legal regulations and prioritising public safety, reported KhaoSod.


by Nattapong Westwood 

Picture courtesy of KhaoSod


Full story: The Thaiger 2023-10-26


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1 hour ago, PETERTHEEATER said:

Almost as bizarre as an ancient English law which prohibits the shooting of Scotsmen using a bow and arrow from the walls of York city after midnight. 😄

Not going there for my holidays. Even dodgier if they use Thai time.

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5 hours ago, Bangkok Barry said:

Where do Thais get their bizarre names? This one Farm, and we have Ink or.....  Well, almost any word you can think of as a name.

Some joke about his seed or his fathers seed, mother being ploughed, fertilization, :giggle:

but I just can't formulate it.

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