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Thai woman’s barking mad quest for justice after 2 boys cause dogs to die in car accident


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2 hours ago, hotchilli said:

The boys story:

The boys, aged seven and nine, told Maneewan that they had entered her home to retrieve a ball that had inadvertently ended up inside. In the process, they left the gate open, allowing the dogs to escape. Maneewan stated that he decided to forgive the boys as they issued an apology and cried. She then excused herself to bury the bodies of the two pets.


The CCTV evidence:

Maneewan checked her security camera and discovered that the story was very different from what the boys had told her.

The two boys were seen entering her home without permission. They struck her dogs with badminton bats, swung the gate open, dashed out of the house, and enticed the dogs to join them. The boys revelled and laughed at the situation.


Yes I know 'coz I read that too.

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3 hours ago, brianthainess said:

Nobody is "Forcing" her to pay, she just feels obligated. 


I'm not so sure about that... 


The impression I had from the story is that she had already paid for the damages to the car...  very few people pay out for things like this voluntarily, its more likely she was 'pressured' into paying for the damages to the vehicle after accusations were levied that she had not secured her dogs. 


With the benefit of hindsight (footage from her security camera) she found the dogs did not escape through her own doing.





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11 hours ago, richard_smith237 said:

I do not see why the lady in question should be forced to pay any compensation to the owner of the car which hit the dogs.


14 hours ago, brianthainess said:

Nobody is "Forcing" her to pay, she just feels obligated. 


this is another article from the infamous Petch Petapailin from thaiger news. every time i read an article from her i end up confused. 


her title is also classless and lo so. she always tried to poke jokes at situations that are far from funny. if i knew before hand that an article were written by her i would boycott it.


so, gentlemen, both of you are right until we get clear clarification, which will never happen



@Red Forever

Disgusting "journalism". This poor woman is rightly mad with the loss of her pets but to weave the word "barking" into this sad story is just cheap.


i totally agree as mentioned in my post







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Off topic but is there any consideration for keeping such dogs in this climate? I know they are a fad walked but, they must be uncomfortable their whole life. We walked past a Husky Cafe in my friends condo bloc in HCMC. Peeked at the people inside but to enter? The odour from even outside the shop unbearable. 

I have some experience visiting with Husky and Newfoundland dogs in cold areas they seem to love playing and sleeping in snow more than anything. Owner says hard to get them to come inside. 

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