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Thai backstage artist fakes kidnapping over 90,000 baht debt in Bangkok


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A woman known as Premika, who works as a backstage artist, was allegedly kidnapped from her workplace by a group of creditors due to her inability to repay a debt of 90,000 baht. Her husband, using the pseudonym “Ek,” reported the incident to Huai Khwang Police Station.


It was revealed that the couple had been together for over a decade and had previously never experienced financial difficulties. However, recently Premika had been struggling financially due to a decrease in work, resulting in her borrowing money from unregistered creditors.


Initially, the total amount borrowed was 150,000 baht, of which a portion had already been paid, leaving an outstanding debt of 90,000 baht.


Premika had negotiated with the creditors to repay the remaining amount in four instalments, with the first instalment of 37,000 baht due last month. However, she couldn’t pay the full amount and requested to add the remaining amount to the next instalment.


On the day of the alleged kidnapping, Ek had dropped off Premika at a petrol station near their home, as per her request. Normally, he would drop her off at the Thailand Cultural Centre, her place of work. A friend of hers had then picked her up and accompanied her to work.


Around 11am, Premika informed Ek via LINE, a communication app, that she couldn’t enter her workplace due to a group of seven to eight men waiting for her outside. After that, she ceased all communication.


By Samantha Rose

Caption: Photo by Pixabay taken from Pexels


Full story: The Thaiger 2023-12-04


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