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Young transport worker dies in tragic roadside accident in Lampang


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A tragic accident has taken a young private transport company worker’s life as he collided with an electricity pole on a roadside, his body flung into the dark forest, unseen by passersby. The incident occurred at 8.45pm yesterday.


Natthanan Kamsan, Deputy Investigator at Khelang Nakhon Police Station, Lampang Province, was alerted about a motorcyclist’s fatal collision with an electricity pole along the Lampang-Chiang Mai road, near Ban Rai Santisuk, Moo 11, Pong San Thong, Mueang Lampang. Responding to the alert, he coordinated with forensic doctors from Lampang Hospital and Lampang Rescue Association to investigate the accident site.


On arrival, they found a toppled Honda Wave motorcycle by the roadside, its front destroyed and its front wheel distorted. Near the light pole, traces of blood and signs of collision were detected. The victim, a 27 year old private transport company employee from Nam Cho, Mae Tha, Lampang, was found lifeless at the roadside, reported KhaoSod.


Local witnesses stated they had only noticed the fallen motorcycle with no sight of the rider and after an hour, reported to 191. It’s speculated that the victim lost control, hit the pole with high impact, and was thrown into the dark, unnoticed roadside. The body was transported to the hospital, and the investigation is underway following legal procedures.


by Nattapong Westwood 

Picture courtesy of KhaoSod


Full story: The Thaiger 2023-12-14


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25 minutes ago, Skipalongcassidy said:

Location... location... location.  They put them right close to the right of way in Thailand

Agree so selfish – they should install them a mile away from any “right of way” and cover the lower half in impact absorbing materials

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From the FULL STORY the woman who HIT HIM said 'the road was poorly lit', yet again another f-wit who can't drive in the dark, Oh he pulled out in front of me the road was dark and I didn't see him, off course nothing to do with a dark tint (AGAIN) or doesn't know how to switch to high beam. jeez drivers here are she ite

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On 12/14/2023 at 2:24 PM, Gottfrid said:

Why do they always need to talk about tragic accidents??? About 90-95% of the times it´s alcohol or other drugs related or just an effect of poor driving skills.


Because it gets brilliant people like you and me to show up and read the article and click on them.  Next question... 

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On 12/14/2023 at 8:21 AM, ChrisY1 said:

A power pole is about 10" square....not a large target....but so many on bikes, manage to hit them with great accuracy.

Especially when the pole is planted in the middle of a narrow road. Will those that planted it there be taken to task? Extremely unlikely.:sad:

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