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Canadian family moved to Russia to escape ‘wokeness’ and LGBTQ+ people. It did not go well

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On 2/26/2024 at 4:23 PM, Jingthing said:

Your loss as that detail even if you were correct about that is irrelevant to my main points there.


Be honest. You're not really interested. You just like to be argumentative. So you play silly gotcha games. A fan of Tucker are you?





Tucker Carlson was born in May 1969 in San Francisco, California into a wealthy family. His father, Richard Warner Carlson, had forged an eventful career in journalism and later politics, and his mother, Lisa McNear, was an artist.

Sit corrected ... as didn't read the not so fine print of his father after 1st divorce, and he remarried way up the silver spoon ladder.


Although Tucker himself and wife didn't have great paying jobs, freelance journalist & artist in the beginning, guessing daddy's (or his wife's) wallet was always there, if & when needed.


Not really a fan of any of them, though have enjoyed a few of the ones I've seen by Carlson.   I don't follow any of them, and usually just notice while scanning YT, when bored, too often.  Rather watch the dog & animal clips.


Prefer to dedicate my time to humor, than the sad state of humanity.  Just a Som Nam Na world, and they can have.  Left that hamster wheel, or caring about what I can't change decades ago.


If a topic or speaker does interest me, I Google what they are presenting, fact check just to see how bias or BS it is.  Some are decent and spot on, but TBH, most is just clickbait, and rarely do I learn something new.

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