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British tourist injured in money dispute with Thai ladyboys in Phuket


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19 minutes ago, LivinginKata said:

CCTV our communal car park. Karon police were  given this video  after the event


That does not look like self-defence to me. Chasing him with the knife trying to stab him is, well, not self-defence. Running over one of them with the car is questionable, as it looks like the driver was trying to stop the fight and run away more than she was trying to run them over (she could've reversed right over him if she wanted to, but didn't).

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1 hour ago, webfact said:

Wild Condo Brawl Between British Tourists and Transgenders in Phuket Leads to Multiple Injuries
By Goongnang Suksawat






Nice & spacious looking condo, those ladyboys didn't trash it too bad.

Just broken glass and tissues, lots and lots of tissues...eeeeeew!



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So it was actually THREE Brits, 5 transgenders and two "other women". Maybe.

"The holidaymakers allegedly called the five transgender escorts to their villa for a mass romp along with two other women on the island of Phuket, southern Thailand, in the early hours of February 22."
"When we arrived we learned that the foreign tourists had reached out to three transgender prostitutes to come to their villa and agreed to pay them 4,000 baht each."

During the party 2 of the ladyboys were asked to leave. The Brits then tried to short the remaining one by only giving him/her 2,000 bath instead of the 4,000 originally agreed upon.
So it was between 2-7 women and transgenders, depending which line of the story you read.

Interesting video. The one with the knife is butt naked - but apparently stopped to put his shoes on before running around with the knife. The boys got some licks in themselves before the end. That ladyboy probably woke up with a massive headache the next morning.

And you see one more in just his underwear and another (driver of the white car) so it's not like they showed up, had a beer and were then asked to leave. Seems they'd gone way past that point before the trouble started.

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25 minutes ago, PingRoundTheWorld said:

I find it hard to believe there was actually a deal agreed upon. Why would they offer to pay 3 ladyboys 4k each when they already had 2 girls and 2 ladyboys in their "party"? Makes no sense. More likely what happened is the Brits invited them thinking it's just a party, the ladyboys misunderstood it as hiring them and made up a rate in their heads, and when the Brits saw them only one looked appealing so they asked the other two to leave and gave them 2k (1k each). Arguably fair compensation if they were only there a short time and didn't have sex. Perhaps they should've made it clear and tell them the one who stayed will get additional money, but ladyboys being ladyboys don't wait for explanations - they went for the wallets and all hell broke loose.


I don't think we'll ever know what really happened there, but I highly doubt the ladyboys' version is the truth. It usually isn't.



After reading the full story and watching the video, I tend to agree with your view on this event.


You can see, initially, the LB wearing a blonde wig with an oversized kitchen knife appears to be the aggressor in the incident in the car park.


There were three white males and sometimes four in the video.


I just cannot see a lone British guy offering them 4,000 baht each to attend a party when they already had numerous guests there. More like sour grapes by the LBs that' their' expectations hadn't been met.


Whatever, it seemed very nice accommodation they had rented, and I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of paying for the damage done and cleaning up as well as replacing ornaments.

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