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Former Government Official Apologizes for Dine and Dash Incident at Jay Fai Pratu Phee Rest


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3 hours ago, webfact said:

The man reportedly told the police that he did not impersonate a police officer as the restaurant posted on social media. He simply had a memory disorder and forgot to pay the bills. According to Thai national media, he allegedly had never dined and dashed before.

Nice try.... 

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34 minutes ago, BangkokHank said:

How does he know that? Maybe he did it before but just forgot about it.


I would think the average noodle stall would just let the thief run, calling the BiB will just involve losing more money.

In Brazil, politicians and their like do not pay their restaurant tabs, a torrent of pompous outrage would ensue if the bill was presented to them, and the place will probably go out of business soon after.


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They think they are so important they shouldn't have to pay.   Anyone here who calls themselves a 'Government Official' (Civil Servant to us) thinks they are above all other beings !

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