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Thailand scraps visa requirements for Kazakhstan tourists


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Just now, Iron Tongue said:

Doesn't matter.

The Kazahks now think positively of the Borat movies and have used it to create a world awareness campaign to promote Kazahk culture and tourism.

Those images above ^ were filmed in Romania IIRC.  Kazahk villages are better organized, not shabby-looking, and are clean.  


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8 hours ago, webfact said:

The majority of these travellers comprise families and couples who choose to spend an average of 14 days in Thailand.


Sounds positive. Good move, Cabinet.

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4 hours ago, Iron Tongue said:

I've travelled to Kazahkistan before for business. 

Because of their oil & mineral exports, they have a relatively high standard of living.

And, they're much cleaner than the Russians!

i traveld to in Kazhkistan just 2month ago, and can confirm that. clean citys,safe  and quiet high salarys in the city (for ex servicesector 700 usd Itdevoloper above 2000 ,from people i know)

the prejudice in the west is unbelivable and arrogant

all estern republics ,all , has nothing to do with what it was in the 90s ,and i was in KZ,KY,UZ,AZ,GE

and enjoyed every stay ,10 time more like in any western city

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