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Soi 6 beatdown


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1 minute ago, scubascuba3 said:

Over the top but 2 yobs punch a girl and don't pay the bin, they're going to get a beating

"...2 yobs punch a girl..."

and break her nose!

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Posted (edited)
16 minutes ago, bob smith said:

until I see a video of the Brit so called punching the Thai girl in the nose then it never happened!!



You see a security guy with a blooded nose? So at least one pussy was punched in the nose



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anyway, too bad tourists dont read this forum.

anyone on here should know by now that stepping out of line in one of these bars could get you killed.

or brain damage with those wicked kicks to the head.

only an idiot sits around getting drunk in these bars.

when you're drunk, you're likely to be aggressive and do sth stupid. 



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