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 Monkey Causes Chaos, Halts Bangkok BTS Traffic


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A monkey sighted at Bangkok's Bang Wa BTS Station today caused significant disruption, as authorities scrambled to ensure safety. The unexpected visitor was spotted by a passenger, who captured the primate's antics on video, prompting swift action from both rail operators and wildlife officials.


The video, which was widely shared on social media, showed a small monkey strolling along the tracks. The clip sparked immediate concern, particularly as a BTS train approached the scene. Fortunately, there have been no reports of harm to either the monkey or passengers.


Phattarapon Manee-on, a veterinarian from the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation (DNP), clarified to Channel 3 that the monkey was not from the well-known Lom Buri province. “Each monkey in Lom Buri has a distinctive identification tattoo, and this one did not,” he explained, dispelling earlier speculation about the animal's origins.


The footage that went viral was recorded by a female university student around 8:20 AM today. Contrary to initial reports that cited the Blue Line, the monkey was actually encountered on the Green Line at Bang Wa Station. This correction was later confirmed by the BTS customer service team, aiming to eliminate any confusion.


Authorities are now on high alert, with the DNP poised to act as soon as BTS officials confirm another sighting. The urgency stems from ensuring the safety of both the public and the monkey, given the busy nature of the station.


Interestingly, Move Forward Party MP Prasit Puttamapadungsak noted on social media that this isn't an isolated incident. Another monkey was recently reported near Lamlukka in Pathum Thani province and remains at large. The MP suggested that the wayward monkey might have escaped from a fire at Chatuchak Weekend Market, although this theory remains unconfirmed.


Regardless of its origins, the focus now is on safely capturing the adventurous primate to restore normalcy to the BTS network.


Picture courtesy via X/ @RedSkullxxx



-- 2024-06-21


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1 minute ago, Peterphuket said:
6 hours ago, steven100 said:

He was waiting to catch the 504 to Hat Yai  

You make a mistake, it was Lopburi, to see his mates.


I don't know about Hat Yai, but Songkhla town itself has plenty of his buddies that come down off the temple's mountain every evening to beg for food, fight, and entertain the locals.  Often bleeding out onto the beaches to cause mayhem.


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11 hours ago, bkk6060 said:

And how many people died in traffic accidents that day?  Is a road kill monkey going to send the train off the tracks?  Seems they should just continue their route and if the pest does not get out of the way too bad.

The monkey has a 50/50 chance crossing the rail tracks... better odds than most people on a pedestrian crossing on the way to the station

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