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Hello all

Me, british, and my wife, thai are going to visit nepal, the plan being this coming april.

Just wondering if any TV posters have any experiences to share.

More specifically, does anyone know what kind of visibility exists there in april? My plan is to go trekking in the annurpurna range, staying also in pokara. I would hate to get there and barely see the peaks or a thai/burma haze!

What kind of visa situation exists for both british and thai nationals? Do they issue visas on arrival? We'll go for about three weeks.

Any recommendations for trekking companies, particular treks to choose, cheapish places to stay in kathmandu and pokara would also be welcomed.

Just anything to read will be nice!

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I've been twice. Once in November last year and previously in January a few years ago. Both times visability has been good. I can not tell you about April, but I have a feeling that is the hot dry season so should be a good time to visit.

30 day Visa on arrival for most Westerners. Be sure to have passport photos and the 30 dollar fee. Not sure about visa situation for Thai's. Last time I last visited there was a group of Thais (maybe 25 in number) on a tour sitting around me on the aeroplane. I was next to the group leader. Group tour of thais suggests visa on arrival . But you will have to check with embassy.

It's a beautiful country with friendly people and a tourist business that is on the rise again.

Only downside was that most bars and resturant closed about 10.30pm when I was there a few months ago, but that might have changed.

The place to stay in Kathmandu is in the Thamel district. A bit like a grown up Kho San road.

If trekking try and get a bit of training in first. And I recommend Chitwan national park if you like the safari thing.

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i'm not much help really,went there in 1972,walked 22 k out of katmandu up to 11000 feet to a place called nargacot,stayed in a small chalet.was told we could see the sunrise over everest(same time as you are planning to go)got up before 5am to take a picture and bus load of japanese tourist arrived clicking kodaks.had been hoping to have the place to ourselves as we were the only ones staying in the chalet.............but thats life.we could only see the peak of everest before the sun obliterated the view,but it was a nic experience.if you go to pohkara in april there is a fantastic festival to witness,and welll worth seeing.nepalese people are wonderful,and friendly.we stayed in nepal for 4 weeks.i would think travelling on a UK passport you would not need a visa,but best to check,and your thai wife will most probably need one.enjoy.

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i went in febuary a couple of years ago with TW and one of the best trips ever. no problem, visas on arrival for me and wife.

a tour guide guy found us in the hotel in katmandu and we did the standard 3-5 day goripani walk which is really great but hard on the knees. we did the microlight flight for pokara which was the highlight of the trip.

also did the sightseeing flight over everest which was totally awesome.

food wasn't to my wife's taste but i was ok with it.

you missus might like o visit Lumpini, where the Buddha got enlightenment. that part of the country was closed off when we went so could go.

can't say about the weather in april but highly recommend Nepal. i'd love to go again.


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I went to Nepal from Bkk in 2000. In Katmandu I stayed at Tibet Guesthouse - more info here:

www.visitnepal.com/tibet-house/body.htm .

I went by car (small van) to Pokhara - distance approx 200 km one way. Crashed buses and trucks were spread all over along the drive. :o

Got up at 0500 in the morning to get a glimpse of the mountain range.

Went to see a refugee camp for Tibetans, where my driver's family lived.

In Katmandu I did a 1 hour sightseeing flight over Mount Everest - which I recommend!

I can also recommend a trip to Bakhtapur, which is and amazing old city about 30 km (?) outside Katmandu. "Plenty" of Thai restaurants in Katmandu, if you don't fancy the local food.

All in all...........................it's an amazing place to visit :D

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you missus might like o visit Lumpini, where the Buddha got enlightenment. that part of the country was closed off when we went so could

Actually Buddha got more than enlightenment here, he got a life. Lumphini is the site of his birth.

Bodhgaya in northeastern India is the site of the Buddha's enlightenment.

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Thanks for the experiences so far. Some questions based on them:

This microlight flight to pokhara i assume is what it sounds! How long did it take, and can two passengers go on the same one?

The festival in pokhara in april sounds good, does anyone know dates? I've tried searching on the net, but only find out about previous years.

Regarding the trekking and some training beforehand, yes, that's my plan. Anybody know any decent trekking boots for sale in thailand? Makes? I live in chiang mai.

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