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Second Hand Cars


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You can save a lot of money by buying in Bangkok or upcountry... Tho second hand cars here need to be REALLY checked out, wrecks that would never go back on the road are commonly fixed in dangerous ways and even tho maintenance is cheap, Thais dont seem to do it.

What budget do you have and what are you looking for.

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Car anyone recommend the best place to buy a second hand car in Phuket?

New to the Island so your advice would be welcome.

Thanks again in advance.

Chang Rai is very cheap for utes if you really want to save money. Mostly have low kilometres and have been driven locally, it's a good time to buy with finance hard to get especially if you have cash.

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Grab yourself the large second hand car magazine (colour cover - mostly newspaper print pages inside) - forget the name - available most places.

In there they have guide prices for 2nd hand and list prices for new cars - also occasionally have details of total sales in Thailand of new models.

Can usually tell which ones are made in thailand as far cheaper than the imports (huge tax)- but not cheaper than what you might be used to elsewhere.

IIRC thai built high sellers - honda, toyota, isuzu

2nd hand depreciate slowly.

Unless going for very bottom end best to go for brand new.

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If you dont mind getting to BKK, the auction at Lad Prao every Saturday has some good deals but know what you are looking for and check the cars thoroughly. You will need work permit or letter of residency unless you are have in a Thai name.

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When i bought my pickup, about 3 1/2 years ago I looked at a lot of the used car dealers and they all seemed about the same (high)

I ended up buying one privately from the owner (saw it on the side of the road in northern Phuket town), and he came down considerably in price because i was willing to pay the total cost.

Thai people often cannot afford to do this and must pay it off or go to a bank or ??? so, he was willing to lower his price because i paid him cash the next day.

Maybe he was desperate? Maybe i was just lucky?

My truck just finished a 5,000+ km trip around Thailand with my family and never once did i have any problems or see any loss of oil on the dipstick.

I bought Toyota because i believe they are the best.

My truck had 180,000 km on it when i bought it and has 225,000 on it now. It has never given me any problems except the battery went dead and i replaced the tires last year.

Good luck.

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If you buy from a second hand car dealer, go to a big reputable looking dealership, and not to a small open air place. After the tsunami wrecked my car, I was so stupid to do the latter, and look at the result:


After one and a half year the car I bought burned out because of fawlty electrical wiring.

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