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Dental Cleaning


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Just had my teeth cleaned at Dentist 51 (google it.

No complaints wrt service and reasonable 599+50. In addition very close to the BTS.

Not surprisingly their 'abilities' exceeded those of my home country 'Ireland'. Last month I had my annual check-up and was advised, in Ireland, that I had one filing that needed replacement within the next 2 years. Dentist 51 were able to diagnose 6 problems with my teeth. Tit

Recommend the cleaning but perhaps careful with their check-up.

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Yes 'Creative' dentistry' is world wide ! . . . .Many years ago In London the Evening Standard or whatever, did an undercover check up on 20 or so private dentists, the 'plants' no pun intended, all had perfect teeth as verified by some dental professor, the revealing upshot was that over 70 % of the dentists recommended totally unnessasary work ! . . . . .dentists, certainly in the UK, have one of the highest credit ratings due to their ability to generate income as and when needed.

I don't' know if the same is true in Ireland, although their prices have to be amongst the highest in the world, having lived in Dublin for many years I can vouch for that. Either way, I've never felt that an Irish dentist was being financially creative with my teeth !

Motor Cycle News did a similar undercover test for bikes, and had similar results, charging for jobs not done, jobs done incorrectly, etc . . . . . . and ditto for car mechanics undercover, oil and filters often not changed, and worse dangerous practices. I guess we shouldn't expect dentists to be any different, it's just opportunistic crime at the end of the day, irrespective of trade or profession. . .a good honest car mechanic and dentist are priceless, actually now I think about it, I had both when I lived in Dublin

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Canada was touted as having the most expensive dentists in the world some years back . I had a quote for a lower dental plate , low end was $2,500.00 , in Thailand the cost was B5,000 , $1,100.00 for my airfare , $100.00 for my teeth and $1,200.00 For 2 weeks vacation , not a bad deal when you think about it . Last year I had an upper plate made here in Cambodia at the dental school , cost $120.00 , now that is a real deal .

Watch out for the fancy guys , they have long range binoculars .

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