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This may have been asked before, but my Search function doesn't work.

I've received a notification from Pay Pal asking for update of my account information "to reduce fraud on our website". It came into my email account flagged as Spam, but is it?

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If you have any questions do not click the link in the email.

Instead login to your paypal account & check your account that way.

Probably the reason it was flagged as spam is the return address.

Not sure how computer savvy you are but, if you hold your mouse over the link in the email without

clicking it you can see the address in the lower left of your frame. It will usually be something other than paypal.com

Although the phishing has gotten more sophisticated & usually ass some form of paypal into the address.

Paypal never sends email with a click the link to login type of link.

You can also forward the email to paypal security center to help stop such individuals.

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Yes it is spam as already reported and an attempt to obtain your account information if sent to your spam folder. Never take any action on email messages such as that, even if getting to you without being put into spam without direct contact with the firm first (at the address you know is valid) and never click on links in such emails as you will be taken to a false web site to obtain your log in data/account information.

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I simply make it a policy never to click on any link that arrives by e-mail. If it looks likes something that I need to respond to, then I will go directly to the vendor's website.

Follow this advice 100% of the time without fail.

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