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Hope you're not teaching English.

Thats a good reply i guess you live off others thiking your funny when your not.Good luck

Complex subject .I will make one comment. The children are not necessarily from "broken families" .They are from Mums and Dads ,who have gone to "the big smoke", to earn a few bob. Grans cannot control them .Many rural teachers are untrained, no qualifications and basically are "going through the motions".Many of these kids ,particularly boys are only interested In Com.Games, Motor-bikes and Lao Khao, leading to criminal problems in many villages. The Girls , in the main, if they have a brain DO want to learn. Actually ,they are desperate to learn. The boys come with the idea ,that it is the duty of the world to support them .The girls KNOW ,education is their only way out of the poverty trap.

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