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Work Permit And Can I Move About

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I an awiting a work permit and will have an office here in Pattaya which is shown on the work permit.

Can I visit clients in the Pattaya area even though I am not at my office ?

Probabably silly question but will the clients have to come to me ?

Await replies, cheers everyone for all the help so far


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Hi Paul, in fact you can work with clients outside your office if it's described in your work permit. It's very complicated where you can work or not, I'm struggling with that for more than 14 years and since it's up to the executive officer at the labour department I don't care anymore since many years. I'm trying to be compliant as much as I can but that's it. They change to their gusto the rules as they want and if you have a specific question they can't give you an answer. Therefore I don't care

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My job requires construction site visits, meetings at client offices and sometimes work at client offices. Having tried and failed to get an endorsement specifically allowing multiple undefined places of work we gave up, it's no problem having several defined places (such as branch offices) but seems impossible to be allowed to work 'anywhere in BKK' for example.

Over the years I've never been asked for my WP other than by the chap at the Labour Ministry when he renews it so I suggest that you should have no problems whatever.

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