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German Found Dead In Jomtien Condo


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German found dead in Jomtien condo

PATTAYA: -- A German national, Mr Heinz Tylinski, aged 64, was found dead in his rented room at the View Talay 5 condominium complex in Jomtien. Security at the condo called police and Sawang Boriboon rescue volunteers to attend the location where they did a brief inspection of the body and room. According to his friend, a 68-year-old fellow German national, Mr Tylinski had been in poor health for some time. His friend said he had seen the deceased that morning but when he returned in the later afternoon his friend had passed away.

Full story HERE


-- Pattaya One 2011-08-17


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RIP to the Guy

But out of interest, how many Deaths, be natural or not have occured in the View Talay Buildings? , i seem to recall reading alot

What you are implying is absurd. There is lots of news from VT buildings because they house thousands of people. It's the numbers, that's all. Also, a lot of residents in the buildings are elderly. No different than retirement condos in Florida. Old people die. Duh.

Next ...

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