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Very Late Reporting Address

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The normal fine is 2,000 baht. Can be 5,000 baht if not civil. A 200 baht per day additional fine is also contained in the law but no indication how it would be used other than "until paid" which may indicate after you have been told to pay fine they may charge an additional 200 baht per day until you comply.

Short answer for most people will be the 2,000 baht fine if more than 7 days late reporting.

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I had the same experience, when I got there at the Immig I was told I had to pay 2,000 baht for the delayed notification of address. I asked if I had another option, the officer related that if I were going out of the country the counting of the days will restart the moment I came back in Thailand. I had already my ticket that time to travel so I just went home and didn't pay anything. Everything went fine after.

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