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Two suspected class 1 drug dealers caught at Pattaya Police Checkpoint


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Two suspected class 1 drug dealers caught at Pattaya Police Checkpoint


PATTAYA: -- In the early hours of Monday, Pattaya Police caught two suspected drug dealers at a checkpoint on the Sukhumvit Road in Central Pattaya.

The checkpoint was situated next to the Boonthavorn Store and it wasn’t long until officers spotted a speeding pick-up truck they wanted to stop.

Inside the pick-up was Khun Jirawanit aged 29 and Khun Pongpat aged 24. They were searched along with their vehicle and a considerable amount of class 1 drugs were found which led to their immediate arrest.

Khun Jirawanit was found to be carrying 2 bags of Crystal Methamphetamine, commonly known as “Ice”, weighing 7.22g, in his trouser pocket. Inside the vehicle a further 11 bags of the drug weighing 6.05g were found and officers determined they belonged to Khun Pongpat.

Full story: http://www.pattayaone.net/pattaya-news/158658/two-suspected-class-1-drug-dealers-caught-at-pattaya-police-checkpoint/

-- Pattaya One 2014-12-10

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Correct - that is called a laptop, now repeat after me l-a-p-t-o-p...


This very funny!

But may be they show the table, t - a - b - l - e, or cable c - a - b - l - e, have to listen, not so big different.

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This is such rubbish. The amount is chicken feed. It's a few grammes about just enough for four or five people to have a decent all night and all day session. The bust and the story and the headline were a con trick. Utter nonsense.

+1....Very low level, small time dealers.
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Todays war on neurochemistry, billion of brain cells misplaced and these two dudes find themselves long term residents of the state in cells, doing nothing with theirs.......... its retarded as this post.

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