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Departure Card MIA... future problems?

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I've brought this one up before but it seems to be lingering onward...

I went to CW to activate my new Visa this week... Before going to CW I noticed no Departure Card in my passport, nor any staple/hole on my entry stamp page... I searched high and low but after my 25+ hour flight, I may have not noticed it not being attached to my passport in October... This is the only conclusion based my paper-pack-rat style...

CW quizzed me a little and I said no idea where it is... After a bit, they activated my Visa and gave me a new 1 year Entry Stamp. However, they put the serial # of the MIA Departure Card under my old Entry Stamp(Oct).

They did not give me a new departure card. Will this continue to be a problem until I exit / enter the Kingdom again and have a new one issued? I read on the Immigration Bureau site it is required for 90 day reports...wai2.gif

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No sure what you were doing at immigration. I don't understand what your mean by activating a visa.

It sounds like you were applying for an extension of stay.

I don't understand why they did not give you a new TM6 card. I am sure you will be asked of it again at sometime or the other.

CW does not ask for copies of anything for 90 day reporting. But they might notice that there is no TM6 card.

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I was on my last 90 day for NON-B and went to Immigration to Activate my PE. Yes, I am confused too why not have a new one issued.... When I questioned about it, they wrote in the Serial # on my October Non-B Entry Stamp... I don't know if this was to close the loop or just dumbfounded...

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happened to me I lost mine,actually the wife pulled it out of the passport thinking it wasnt needed (found out later) it was causing problems not having it,the solution was go to local police station and they gave me a new one cost a couple of hundred baht, problem was solved :)

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