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Can my Thai GF travel to Turkey, when she is holding a UK visitor visa

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We are in the process, of putting together all the info, for a 6 month visitor visa. Can anyone tell me if she would have a problem travelling to Turkey, while in the UK. I know that Thais can get 30 days to Turkey, so in theory, it shouldn`t be a problem, but I wondered if anyone has had this experience, not necessarily Turkey? Thanks for reading

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You are correct regarding visa free travel for Thai citizens to Turkey for 30 days.




According to the decision taken by the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Turkey and published in the Official Gazette number 28333, citizens of Thailand holding ordinary passports are granted visa exemption on their touristic visits to Turkey for a period of not exceeding 30 days on each of their visits for a cumulative of 90 days within 180 days period from the date of first entry.

Turkey and Thailand already has an agreement on the exemption of visa requirements for the holders of diplomatic or official or service/special passports for a period of not exceeding 90 days.


For EU countries she will need a Schengen visa.

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Thanks both for the info. I know that the Schengen visa doesn`t apply for Turkey, but basically, what I am asking is, can she leave the UK, too visit Turkey and then return, a few weeks later, on her UK visa?

Yes, providing that her UK Visa is marked "MULT" thus allowing multi-entries, which they normally would be. There are only certain circumstances where a single entry visa would be issued.

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She can enter Turkey for 30 days without visa, Turkey and Thailand have visa waiver agreements with each other. She doesnt need to show her UK visa to anyone

Yes thank you, the OP knows that and has said so, he is asking about the visa requirements for returning to the UK, and that query has been answered.

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If you mean a multi entry visit visa for the UK, then as theoldgit says above she should get this anyway; unless there is a compelling reason why not.

VAT1.3 Visa validity - When to issue a single-entry visit visa

The ECO should only issue single-entry visit visas in certain cases, such as children visitors sponsored by charities or in exceptional borderline cases where the applicant has not quite established on the balance of probabilities an intention to leave, but there is nonetheless a clearly established, verifiable and compelling reason to visit the UK.....

....The ECO should not routinely issue single-entry visit visas to first time family or other visitors.

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