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China welcomes U.S. saying it is open to talks on North Korea


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On 4/29/2017 at 0:39 AM, Los Luver said:

It seems for me that many people don't know what caused ww1 and ww2 !!!

a simple war between Bosnia and Austria turned to ww1

and a simple war between Germany and Europe turned into WWII when someone was stupid enough to drag America into it by attacking them. We all know how that turned out. Germany is now in charge of Europe through the EU. :tongue:


America is still technically at war with N. Korea so President Trump doesn't need congressional approval to bomb them. Also, this time Japan has a whole, functioning military and is allied to the US. Russia is still technically allied to the US even though it doesn't seem like it. Russia also has a fairly depleted military and with the Korean Peninsula on it's border needs to assess the better outcome for themselves. Securing the homeland for the fallout or depleting itself further by getting involved which leaves only China. They could be stupid like Japan was in WWII or they could be smart and strike a trade deal with the US and S. Korea to equally divide the spoils.

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