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Another distributor faces five years in jail for selling E-cigarettes


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My God. 5 years!

I thought E cigarettes were better than the normal rubbish sold here?

How many years do hit and run drivers get?
Stepfathers harming or killing young children?
Drivers on the influence of stimulants that normally crash and run away?

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On 2017-05-11 at 6:22 AM, richard_smith237 said:

It is so astonishing to anyone with a taste of international life that the penalties for such victimless and innocuous 'crimes' are so significantly out of balance with those penalties for other far more serious violent crimes, bag snatches, accidents while drunk driving (or under the influence), hit and run....  


... Thailands lack of common sense in its approach to the enforcement of its laws and imbalance in penalties is somewhat embarrassing and makes it appear quite immature, petty and juvenile as a nation... this really is a shame for such a lovely country with such wonderful potential. 



I think you will find most countries don't even notice the country, let alone their bizarre rules and regulations.

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On 11.5.2017 at 2:48 PM, ddotmark said:

I vape e-cigs.  I'm planning on visiting Thailand in June.  Will I have problems bringing my e-cig for my own personal vaping?  Is there a Thai law against vaping? Or, is it just illegal to import for the purpose of selling or selling illegal? 

No worries,u can bring your ecigs and your liquid.


Its just illegal to import cigs and liquid with the intention to sell.


Dont put them in your checked in luggage and when u use them on the toilet inflight blow the vape in to your shirt after holding it in your lungs longer than usual and there is nothing comin out anymore. :-D



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On 5/11/2017 at 7:14 PM, chowny77 said:

This is totally about the money the country makes from tax from cigs, booze. If they could make a monopoly on e-cigs, drugs and sex it would be totally legal but they cant. The world is now bigger than mere governments and they dont like it. So stomp on the little man.

They could get with the trend, which will only grow of switching to vaping for quitting purposes or preference, put a nicotine tax on the so-called "juice", but they won't.


Ciggie Monopolies don't want competition. 

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On 11.5.2017 at 10:28 AM, hanuman2543 said:

Good to see that Law enforcement has its priorities right. They really help this society to become better and fairer.

thai law is idiots and wery idiots only catch e-cig shop. wery stupid work at army police.and all dinosaur.e-cig have4 helty maak and no bad  normal cig have wery bad to healt.

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