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Expat group launches online petition calling for TM.30 to be scrapped

Jonathan Fairfield

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35 minutes ago, manarak said:

TM 30 is absolute nonsense.

Second only to a TM47. Thais are only bitching because they're getting fines for not doing it.

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18 minutes ago, Roy Baht said:

I've been dealing with Thai bureaucrats for 30 years. They will not respond to pressure from foreigners, particularly foreigners living in Thailand.  More likely the strict enforcement will fade away on its own after a year or two.  Remember when you told the head of your favorite taxi company in Pattaya "who you were" and he had zero response? That will be Thai Immigration's response to this petition.

There was some small measure of success from the fb page about illegal searching in Tong Lor some years ago, but the situation has since returned to normal.  They also seem to be mobilising again a little.

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not surprised Thailand are strict on immigration


they can see what's happened to Londonistan etc. so just trying to protect their country


how many people signing that petition have been directly affected by it? very small percentage I expect...

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1 hour ago, Myran said:

Nice move, will sign for sure. But they should've let someone proofread the letter beforehand. It's a bit of a mess.

It could do with being a lot shorter IMO & I'd like to have seen realistic references to the problems caused by the exchange rate & perhaps a suggestion to grant PR to married/retired/working foreigners after say 3 years of trouble-free living in the Kingdom.

Just my 2p 


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13 minutes ago, BestB said:

Getting PR is not as easy as it sounds even for the married and guys working for decades. Not to mention waiting time and non refundable payment of few hundred thousand.


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8 minutes ago, NCC1701A said:

"Hey Big Joke, how are you?"

"I hear Expats are signing a petition to ban TM-30"

"Who are Expats? TM-30? Is that new model BMW?"




Its now ,Lt-Gen Sompong Chingduang, Big Oud, the one in the front ,who's pulling the strings,

regards worgeordie

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