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“Sadist" in a Volkswagen van admits attacking sex workers at Lumpini Park


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“Sadist" in a Volkswagen van admits attacking sex workers at Lumpini Park



Picture: Sanook


Police in Bangkok said they had arrested a man after a woman was abducted from Lumpini Park and a man was killed on Tuesday night.


The suspect was described by the Thai media as a sadist preying on sex workers who ply for trade around the park in downtown Bangkok.


On Tuesday a woman named only as "A" was lured into a Volkswagen van. A man named only as "B" who was said to be the woman's boyfriend then jumped onto the front of the van.


The van drove off and collided with the Thai Belgian bridge at the intersection on the corner of the park in Rama IV road. 


"B" was grievously injured and later died. 


Officers from the Met Region 5 and Thung Mahamek police arrested a man (aged 40) yesterday. He was not the owner of the van but an employee.


He admitted often going to the park at night to pick up street hookers for sex in the vehicle. 


He would then attack them with certain equipment he kept in the van. 


Sanook reported that working girls in the area were aware of the man's activities and spoke about it together. 


The media promised more details shortly. 


Source: Sanook




-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-07-23
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I wondered what was going on. When I used to hobble around Lupini Park in the mornings I would see girls being picked up in cars at the gates near the Thai Belgium bridge. 

Like girls standing there waiting for a taxi, then along comes a car and they hop in. 

So it was a bit of hanky-panty at 0500 in the morning. Probably better than black coffee to get your engine going. Then home for breakfast with the Mrs and kids. ????

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3 hours ago, Bob A Kneale said:

"I wondered what was going on".

You couldn't work that out until you read this?  Really?

Yes correct. Usually only saw runners/ joggers around Lupini Park early in the morning. You ever been there?

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13 hours ago, Tropposurfer said:

Brave man to jump on the van trying to protect his girlfriend of friend. RIP good fella???? God knowBoys what this nutter has done and to how many women!

Boyfriend, spelled with a 'p', as in 'p...'? - Still, may he R.I.P.

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