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Thai PM wants all tourists to wear wristbands - we're not opening the floodgates


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In Thailand the recovery rate was near 100%. We are seeing statistics all over the world coming out that state that the recovery rate was always around 98.5% on average but that now with the use of hydroxycloroquine, zinc and Azitromycin there is a 100% recovery rate. So what is all this about?????

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16 hours ago, sandhurstmolonski said:

Ohhh nooo , this one is just a really bad idea , how can you welcome people , then immediately load them with a criminal style bracelet ? 

Enough suffering has occured , this is a tiny step , really is time to start getting people back in a welcoming manner , this will not assist .

Reckon it's a good call to disappear to a nice place like Vietnam.

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On 9/30/2020 at 1:10 PM, darksidedog said:

They really need someone with an ounce of common sense to stop all of these ridiculous ideas before they make fools of themselves every single day.

Over in the West, our governments aren't doing any better though. Glass houses, stones .....

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34 minutes ago, spidermike007 said:

No courage on the part of the leadership. No creativity. Just tiny minded quarantine ideas. 


How about a simple plan. A non antigen test 72 hours before the flight. From a lab. And Thailand ups their game, and invests in some modern technology, and provides on the spot antigen testing at Suvarnabhumi or elsewhere. It is easy. You pass two different tests, using two different methodologies, and you are covid free.


Welcome. No health insurance required. No groveling at a consulate. No quarantine. Welcome to Thailand. Have a great trip. And thanks so much for bringing a bundle of cash. Our people really need it. 


No panic. No fear mongering. Double testing. You are safe. We are safe. Life is good. 


For reference:


Abbott has received FDA emergency use authorization for a COVID-19 antigen it is pricing at $5 that delivers results in 15 minutes. Other companies including BD and Quidel already sell antigen tests but Abbott’s scale led some analysts to identify its entry to the market as a potential game-changer. Abbott plans to ship 50 million kits a month starting in October, making mass testing more feasible.

Thing is, one person on an a380 fight is tested positive on arrival, what do you do with other 450+

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8 hours ago, Catoni said:

Yes.... this “second wave” is climbing a steep curve like the first wave did.  But there is a BIG change. The death curve is not accompanying the infection curve like it did the the first time. The death rate is remaining flat. People are getting the virus... but almost zero deaths now. At least in North America and Europe. 
    Something has definitely changed. This time, there is a smaller death rate than with the Flu.

    How many talking about that on the news channels ??  

What has changed is they were caught fiddling the death figures. No proper test equipment. The test they use was not designed to be used as a test for a virus and has no accuracy whatsoever. No autopsies, near everyone who died was put down as COVID which was an administrative demand. Ignoring many qualified doctors, scientists and virologists who did not "buy" the narrative being pumped out on near every news channel and propagated on social media. Doctors and scientists were sacked from their positions for speaking out sgainst the narrative creating fear in other doctors and scientists who knew what was going on but kept stum. There was no need for masks, lockdowns, losses of jobs and businesses, huge costs to economies around the world, food shortages, depression, deaths due to the lack of hospitalisation for operations, suicide's and increased costs to ordinary people and governments. Who had the power and money to arrange all that?

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Ah, okay Prayut ...

I already understood, you are full in line with the UN:


Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development


So: no tourists anymore - that leaves air travel to the super-rich and politicians with their own jets.

Btw: what was the price for that ?



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