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Koh Samui: Foreign tourists set to be welcome subject to rules from July 1st

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"Subject to conditions"... ain't nobody coming for a holiday to be put under any form of restrictions... forget it 😔    

File photo   Thai business media has reported that the holiday island of Koh Samui plans to open up to foreign tourists along similar lines to Phuket from July 1st.   Visitors must

"...go to their quarantine hotel for three days...limited travel...They will not come into contact with local people."   Paroled murderers have fewer restrictions than these tourists.

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1 hour ago, Chelseafan said:

Great but once again lacking information.


How long before I would be allowed on to the main land or is that not an option ?

Do I have to book this as a package? If so, what are the costs ?

Is that one flight a day ? Week? Year ?

Are Bangkok arranging a direct flight from UK ? Paris?  Frankfurt?


I appreciate the sentiments but other than those desperate to get back, who is going to take up this offer?





yes, like Phuket we need to know more! Can we have a flight to BKK and then change to get a normal flight to Phuket or Ko Samui..... etc.... etc... 

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3 minutes ago, CanterbrigianBangkoker said:

Unfortunately, the Thai tourist industry is DOA at this point. The bigger resorts will stay partially open in a strange limbo like state for a while longer I suppose, but they're merely shells of their former selves, kept upright from rigor-mortis.


No one will take the chance of going all the way to Samui (from Europe, Australia or US at least) if they read the fine print. Even the majority of the Chinese will not consent to being locked up for days in a forced quarantine situation, then be unable to travel around properly for a week, and even once they can, what will be open and welcoming them? And...these people are not allowed to come into contact  with the locals? So who then? Hotel staff only? They don't live locally? If this nutty restriction is somehow possible, then the local people will not even benefit from the foreign tourism - and all this for people who have both BEEN VACCINATED AND HAD A NEGATIVE TEST!!! Mind boggling idiocy. So again I say - the Thai tourist industry is done for.

I think by locals they mean Thai people who don’t work in the tourism industry. Most tourism workers on Samui have already been fully vaccinated and most other residents will be by next month. I can imagine that after the 3-day quarantine tourists can only go to approved venues, restaurants, bars and on excursions where the staff is fully vaccinated. I think after 7 days of this it’s then up to the tourist to decide if they want to mingle with non vaccinated locals on or off the island. Regardless for long stayers it’s better than being locked in a Bangkok hotel room for 15 days….

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