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Are all Condos in BKK insisting on masks in the gym?


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Had my workout rudely interrupted today & told I had to wear a mask. We have a limit of 5 in the gym (as well as a time limit of one hr), but seldom more than 2 or 3 in there at any one time. I was on the cross-trainer at the time, & would find it really uncomfortable to do aerobic exercise with a mask on. Seems to me to be precious little point re-opening a gym with such restrictions. I'd like to suggest to them that they start making it necessary to book, & limit it to one "household" at a time, but I'm sure this would be rejected as too hard (ie, too much work). Wondering if others are facing the same conditions?

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Thank you both for your answers. I'd be especially interested to know where Havefunme's info came from; could be useful in trying to get them to behave rationally.

Sorry. Should have replied to you directly. Did you get that from a reputable source - if so, I'd like to be able to show it to my condo management.

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In my condo the gym is small, you have to book in advance for 1 hour max, and it is limited to one person or one family, so it is not necessary to wear a mask. 

There are cleaning sprays/cloths etc to wipe everything down before and after as required.

It seems to work well - you also book the swimming pool on the same basis. 

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5 hours ago, Rampant Rabbit said:

didnt  the law  say "no when exercising" maybe outdoors  only, although big  fans and open windows would  help, air con wouldnt

I can't find the answer to that expressed clearly anywhere, unfortunately....

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