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Prosecutors drop charges against former secretary of Khunying Potjaman in KTB case


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In an about-face, the public prosecutors have decided not to pursue money laundering charges against the former secretary of Khunying Potjaman Na Pombejra, the ex-wife of former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, and her husband in connection with the 9 billion baht loan granted by the state-run Krung Thai Bank to the Krisda Mahanakorn real estate company.


On July 30th last year, former secretary Kanchanapa Honghern and her husband lodged a complaint with the prosecutors seeking justice over the money laundering charges. Both are living in exile abroad.


Spokesman for the Office of the Attorney-General, Itthiporn Kaewthip, told the media today that the Office of special prosecutors for special cases decided to consider their plea because it represents a “new fact,” adding that the prosecutors found no oral evidence or facts to prove their involvement in the loan scandal.


Full story: https://www.thaipbsworld.com/prosecutors-drop-charges-against-former-secretary-of-khunying-potjaman-in-ktb-case/


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With the prosecutors dropping money-laundrying charges, the case against Panthongtae Shinawatra for obtaining a cheque for Bt10 million that was part of the 9 billion loan will likely to be dropped too. The Shinawatra getting lots of breaks recently and could be things to come politically speaking. 

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good to see news reminding people of how corrupt previous regimes were here too.


Even though they are getting away with their corruption because of current corruption.


Not a fan of the current regime but know your history before you support Phue Thai


I've been here 20 years and it was even worse before


I want change, but change for the better would be nice

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14 hours ago, Dogmatix said:

Thaksin's son's acquittal was also wrong. His only real defence was that many others took the laundry money too

No. His defense was that he got his cheque before the KTB loan occurred. It may be assumed that he got his cheque in advance, knowing it would occur soon, but It's a bit uncertain, isn't it?

On the other hand It's true that others took the money and never got annoyed about it, I.e. Prem (I cannot show link, It's in the "other" journal).

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