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Chiang Mai’s Muang Mai market closed for disinfection after new cluster of COVID-19 infections emerges


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Chiang Mai’s largest retail market for fresh food, fruits and vegetables, Muang Mai, remains eerily quiet for a second day today (Sunday) after the provincial communicable disease committee decided to close it for three days for disinfection following the emergence of a fresh cluster of COVID-19 infections.


All the shops in the market are shuttered and the only sign of life is the presence of a Royal mobile medical unit located next to a fire station on the bank of the Ping River, to conduct COVID-19 testing of high-risk people.


Many shopkeepers and their employees were seen this morning waiting to be screened.


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Full story: https://www.thaipbsworld.com/chiang-mais-muang-mai-market-closed-for-disinfection-after-new-cluster-of-covid-19-infections-emerges/


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5 hours ago, Sticky Rice Balls said:

Im pretty sure I can guess why there was a cluster with the thai "mai pen rai" mindset...


Rules only apply to the dirty falangs!

Anutin stressed that infections are dropping... Lies.

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55 minutes ago, MasterBaker said:

when authorities understand the simple fact: all markets should be closed permanently. don't you have enough examples already?

Thailand would die... it's their only shopping experience for millions.

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The requirements published days ago for a November 1 reopening of CM include the fact that there are no new hotspots. So I guess that with the more than trebling of daily new cases we can kiss goodbye to having 90 tourists a day arrive to rescue the local tourism sector. Add to this the unbelievably slow vaccination rate that has yet to reach even 40% and you could say that the fancy pants new governor has some work to do.

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Veg prices are up and you get less of them. Muang Mai supplies a lot stuff that is then sold at other city markets like Tanin. I didnt visit yesterday but heard that Tanin market is busier and traders from Muang Mai have moved operations to Tanin (and probably other city markets?) until Muang Mai reopens.  

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It's just mirroring the effect the virus has had on most of Europe. 

I'm afraid it's something that's going to be with us one way or another for some time.

On the positive side it appears that fatalities are reducing.

My mindset is that it has to be respected and precautions need to be adhered to, but I'm not letting it totally control my life.

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