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Toyota car buying queries


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On 10/12/2021 at 4:25 PM, Kwasaki said:

What there doing is normal. 

Wait until they tell your air-con needs cleaning and needs new filters.

Your brake fluid needs changing. 

Your Transmission fluid needs changing. 

What about asking them check your wheel alignment. !!

Just for starters take to Cockpit if the local one has a good reputation.  


Not to mention your indicator fluid ..............................................................:coffee1:

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On 10/13/2021 at 12:12 PM, Yellowtail said:

Are you a painter or something? Mine are five or six years old and still look and feel great.

Very happy your seats are five or six years old and still look and feel great, good on you for taking good care of the seats.  Hope you get many years more. Thanks for the input. 

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On 10/13/2021 at 10:49 AM, HAPPYNUFF said:

Same for me, One year  insurance  only paid. After  5 years, insurance  drops to  2nd Class,  and  no,  no claim discount , allowed on   that class of insurance.

I  had noticed  after  each  service at my Toyota dealer  they were not  greasing the Universal Joints each 10,,000 kms, as recommended.   Next time I went in I asked for this to be done. Not one person there spoke  English,  I had the Thai word for grease written down, and  drew  a  diagram of underneath  a car,   drive shaft,   motor, diif etc,, and  indicated the three  grease nipples to be done.   "OK. Ok" I  was assured,,  Got the car back,,, they had bloody well changed the diif oil.    Went home  crawled under the car and did the UV joints myself.

Even though greasing the Prop and other bits is in the book they never seem to do it. Do what I do and sit with your car when they service it. The two Toyo garages I use lets me do it, so should yours. While it's on the ramp point out what you want done. There will always be a language problem. I do it the Thai way by pointing LOL. It also gives you an idea of what's going on under the car. Tip just don't get in their way. 

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I found Isuzu just as bad Toyota dealerships.

The service schedules book given with the truck is good though from Isuzu. 

It lists checks or work required in English & Thai. 

So when I go Cockpit I give them the opened book page sheldule ticking what I want done.

It works a treat but I do have a quick check myself when home, no big deal.  

The funny thing last time was the mechanic wrote underneath everywhere with chalk OK. 


I think after going there for some 14 years with 5 different vehicles we have a good relationship. ????

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