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Video:  "Honest" taxi driver filmed with huge knife tells police he was "just cutting the roadside grass!"

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3 hours ago, Bert got kinky said:


And where are the trees and grass on that section of the road, did he chop them all down?


He'd just finished.  Couldn't anyone smell the cut grass............or some other agricultural aroma?

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5 hours ago, Karma80 said:

Because everyone knows the taxi mafia for their love of horticulture and sense of community service.

His mother will still have dinner ready.

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19 hours ago, webfact said:

He was in the news for this public spiritedness and honesty last year, he claimed. 

Maybe, but this year he's back in the news again and it seems his halo has slipped.

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Years back I had to talk my way out of a situation where I had a big Hmong knife in my luggage on a night bus to BKK.  That was during some sort of military takeover.  I got through it OK ("Doesn't everyone carry a big knife in Isaan?").  Bus stewardess was ticked off, as she told us weapons were supposed to be checked upon boarding. 


Funny part was my wife and I shared a bag.  They didn't say anything about the ladies underwear in there.  She didn't let them know that she knew me.  555.


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