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Covid patients in stabbing incident over rice packages at Surat Thai field hospital

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Picture: Thai Rath


Khun Thale police in Surat Thani in the south of Thailand were called after a fight broke out at a field hospital for Covid patients.


It was lunchtime when the police were called to the hospital at the Rajabhat University campus. Surat Thani provincial governor Wichawut Jinto also went to the scene.


Rikdee, 18, had been stabbed with some scissors in the right back side of the ribcage.


The assailant was found to be Krissada, 30, who had fled the scene to the third floor. He was hiding on a balcony fearing retribution from friends of his victim, reported Thai Rath.


After a standoff he threw down his weapons - some scissors, a small knife and a toothbrush. He then surrendered with his hands up.


Him and a couple of others involved in the fight were taken away for quarantine elsewhere.


Before he left he said that he had been queuing for lunch when he saw the other man take more than his share of lunch boxes. He warned him to leave them for others but he didn't listen.


A fight broke out between two groups and he picked up the scissors and knife that were lying about in the lunch hall to defend himself. 


Governor Wichawut promised a security review and an end to relatives bringing in food for Covid patients saying they were already provided with three meals a day. 



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