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Another storm to hit Thailand late next week, heavy rain forecast


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A motorist rides a scooter along a flooded road after heavy rain in Bangkok on March 9, 2021. Jack TAYLOR / AFP


People living in Thailand’s eastern, lower central, and upper southern regions are advised to brace for heavy rain next Friday and Saturday when an atmospheric depression is expected to make landfall near Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City next Thursday.


According to Team Group, who are water resource experts, a low-pressure system is forming over the western part of the Philippines and is likely to develop into a depression, probably to be named Malou, which may be the 20th storm in this part of the world this year.


Team Group said, via the Facebook page of Chawalit Chantararat, CEO of Consulting Engineering and Management, that it is closely monitoring the low-pressure system.


Full Story: https://www.thaipbsworld.com/another-storm-to-hit-thailand-late-next-week-heavy-rain-forecast/


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1 hour ago, jacko45k said:

Oh, so does this override the forecast that I recently saw, saying the cool-dry season would start next week?

Always starts in the North first then moves southwards, in the North now we are having mist/foggy mornings

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9 minutes ago, Stargrazer9889 said:

Yes the cool WET season starts next week.  I hope December becomes the cool drier season.


Not unusual for the temperature to hit 35 in the cool season. The difference is there's much lower humidity, and that makes it far more comfortable.

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3 hours ago, Alwaysthailand said:

Relax, chill..its water, not muriatic acid.

The way my wife and the gate security people react whenever I go walking with a few clouds over head, you'd think it was acid. I'm from desert country and enjoy a little rain.????

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