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Ten Day Quarantine for Non-Vaxxed.

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Not required, we have obtained approvals for 50+ individuals for the AQ 10 day entry option (without proof of vaccine).

They request vaccine information to qualify for the reduced 7 Day AQ, but this has been effectively replaced by the 5/7 Day Sandbox 😄.

If you want your QR early, and quickly you can request our services here: https://TP.in.th (we accept cases up to 3 months before arrival date).

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My Thai wife just recently flew domestically from upcountry back to Bangkok.  No one asked or cared about her vax status, and there wasn't even any testing regimen either on her departing flight or upon arriving back to the BKK airport.


However, that's not to say that some places somewhere, as cited above, may well be checking for vax status.

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11 hours ago, Edward Abbott said:

this may be a silly question but I'm assuming it won't ask for it if you're doing the ten days in a hotel?

If you go to the TP website you can have a dummy run and see what the requirements are, the registration is no valid until step 4 complete.

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17 minutes ago, userabcd said:

The virus is not going away even if we are vacced.

True. But few will end up in the hospital with a tube jammed down their throat. Or die.

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