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Tourist police chief acts to help Thai tourism: Tells cabbies to get professional and stop refusing fares


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I see fare gouging and “unpleasantness” around that, as a bigger issue.

There was a great example in the last couple of weeks of a tuk tuk driver attempting to con some Singaporean tourists and then embarking on an impressive expletive ridden rant in English when challenged…

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10 minutes ago, Tropicalevo said:

It is very different on the islands.

No cab on Samui uses the meter.

In my experience, it is the same when I have been on Phuket and KPN.

To be fare though, they are very courteous when they take 800 baht for the 15 minute trip from the airport here on Samui.

Wow. Phuket is also usually fixed fare from the airport, 1000B for 1:15h drive to Rawai. Samui makes that look cheap! But as you said, to be fair it's excellent service in well kept modern cars.

And if on the route, there is the opion of the Smartbus: 100B 2h to Rawai.

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Tourists Urged to Report Unwilling Taxi Drivers

by Paphamon Arayasukawat


BANGKOK (NNT) - The Tourist Police Bureau has advised passengers rejected by taxi drivers to take photos of their license numbers and report them through the bureau’s 1155 hotline.


Bureau Spokesperson Apichat Suriboony said drivers who refuse passengers are damaging the nation’s tourism industry and reputation. He added that tourist police will work with officials from the Department of Land Transport to punish such drivers for the lack of professionalism.


Under the Land Traffic Act, taxi drivers who reject passengers face a fine of up to 1,000 baht and the possible revocation of their driver’s license.


Uncooperative taxi drivers can also be reported to the Land Transport Department’s Public Passenger Protection Center by dialing 1584, or with the Traffic Police via the 1197 hotline.


Source: https://www.innnews.co.th/news/criminal/news_412319/


-- © Copyright NNT 2022-09-17

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4 hours ago, webfact said:

He also called on all Thais to help in the issue and promote "professionalism".



This man understands.


The only place you find professionalism in a tourist area is on the red light street.


Forget it in pubs, restaurants, traditional massage, taxi etc. etc.

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My reasoning is that if the taxi driver is such an A hole that he doesnt want to take me then I don't want to give him my business. There are plenty of others. It is mostly the old ones that are a problem. Have had many enjoyable rides with young guys trying to make a living and learn English. When I am at the airport I will always choose a young driver to take me into BKK. Never had any problems. But the fares do need to increase ! They are so low, so I will give a decent tip if the driver is good.


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58 minutes ago, scorecard said:

Next morning same students went to her hotel early and travelled with her to the uni. All the male students then made an am / pm roster to travel with her.

So she was hot. 


My parents were told to get out on the elevated highway unless they boaid 1000 baht. 


I was punched in the face by a driver and then threatened with va tyre lever when I hit him back, many years ago. 

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