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Crackdown on street racing in Chanthaburi - 248 vehicles seized and exhausts steamrollered


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5 hours ago, JoePai said:

Waste of time - the bikes also need destroying 

Agree 100% . Also everyone importing and selling these illegal exhaust systems should be prosecuted. The lax system of checking vehicles before paying registration and tax could also checked.

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Illegal to install the exhausts but seemingly legal to sell them to the public.


I hear these tossers every night ripping up and down the road outside our condo and the problem had definitely gotten worse in my area over the last 5 years, which I put down to the evolution of fast food delivery companies. 

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17 hours ago, webfact said:

The police said that they were going after owners, people who adapt bikes, detailers, producers as well as promoters and admin of sites that advertise street racing

Good luck with that.. 

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