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Estate agent listing homes that aren't even available anymore

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What in the gutter hell is going on with estate agents here in Bangkok?


Total waste of my time most of them. You go through their website, look carefully at properties that are listed. You call them up, and it's not available. Not just the odd one, but it is constant.


Just a real headache. Just list what you have available.


It's a complete nonsensical minefield dealing with agents here. They literally make no sense. 

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38 minutes ago, ezzra said:

What do you expect when a property is and can be listed by multiple agents, no exclusivity like in other countries thus no reason to update listing.


I fail to understand how advertising with multiple agents means the agents won't remove expired properties ? I am assuming the agent doesn't get updated if it is sold - but surely they have a duty to check in now and again?


It essentially leaves the agents websites pointless. 

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15 minutes ago, Lemsta69 said:

That's how it's works here so pointless getting upset about it. Unless you have a fetish for banging your hard against a spiked concrete wall.

I am at that banging my head against a spiked concrete wall stage still. Hopefully it's just a procedure we all must go through. You clearly have made it out the other end. 

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Look at their website as a teaser, since they clearly don't do a daily or weekly update of their listings. Not until anyone show interest will they call owner and maybe update to rented/sold.


You'll save time by go to a agents office, and tell them what you look for spesifically. Within an hour you find something, or go to next agent of your choice.


Seems same in all cities here.


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