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Brexit: UK could rejoin EU as an ‘associate member’

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1 minute ago, JayClay said:

My ball doesn't give a date. Inevitability takes an unspecified amount of time to manifest itself.


I'm sure it'll be well before 2072, though.

Nope 2072 anyone that was 18 in 2016 will be aged 74  and EU likes to link dates so 1972 when the UK joined the EU

and the majority of the 33,577,342 million people who voted in 2016 will have moved on to Paradise or a different realm 


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17 minutes ago, JayClay said:

Lol I knew that comment would trigger some people.


It's inevitable that we will rejoin the UK at some point. What's more, when it does happen, it'll be supported by both Labour and the Conservatives.


And before anyone asks, yes I do have a crystal ball on this particular topic, thank you.

Nothing is inevitable in politics, especially things that are years into the future.


Several quotes for you.


A week is a long time in politics.

Harold Wilson




The Liberal politician Joseph Chamberlain is recorded in 1886 as having said: ‘In politics, there is no use in looking beyond the next fortnight.’


Both were correct.

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58 minutes ago, Chomper Higgot said:

BREXIT has passed its zenith.


A couple of cold winters should finish off it’s already dying support.


Not a very pleasant sentiment. But typical. 

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It should be pointed out this suggestion hasn't come from the EU its

The paper has been written by an official “Franco-German working group on EU institutional reform”, made up of experts, academics and lawyers, set up by both the French and German governments earlier this year


Here another group that are looking to move key decisions away from member states and expand the powers of the EU commission


The draft also proposes renaming the European Commission the “European Executive” and drastically expanding the powers of Parliament, as well as granting EU institutions exclusive competence — or the right to negotiate on behalf of its members — to decide on environmental and climate matters.



Europe has been talking about reform since 2006 so anyone thinking there will be a quick decision should think again



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