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Phumtham welcomes convicted former PM Thaksin as PM’s chief advisor


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1 minute ago, still kicking said:

You mean amusing Thailand. 

yes ...! on top of that even amusing..... , others you would not be in Thailand i guess ????

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8 hours ago, JeffersLos said:

Just make him Prime Minister and save all this fuffing about. 

Patience! It will come, just need a way to appease the detractors, face is at stake here!

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13 hours ago, mark131v said:

Lets not get into the legality of whether the charges against Thaksin were just or not after all he's done bugger all goal time as of now


Lets discuss whether it is justifiable/legal to have a convicted criminal as a political advisor (and MP as well but that creatures a whole different subject) whereas it is not justifiable/legal to have a bloke who inherited shares from a defunct company in parliament even though he has never been convicted of anything and 14 million people backed him


Seems the corruption is just jumping out and butting you in the face in its intensity surely nobody is so blind they can't see what's happening


I hope the world is watching this pantomime unfold as they are looking more and more dodgy by the minute, how can any potential partner take anything they say as truth as clearly the law is a joke. How can a potential business partner take any contract seriously?


What does Singapore call the country? Lieland, that's it, Lieland seems apt...

I've never heard it called that - infact that's the first time I've ever heard it. You sure you didn't just make it up? ????

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17 hours ago, snoop1130 said:



Deputy Prime Minister Phumtham Wechayachai has welcomed Srettha Thavisin’s idea of having convicted former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra act as an advisor, once he completes serving time in prison.


“Thaksin could be assigned as the prime minister’s chief advisor. My understanding is that Srettha wishes to learn from Thaksin’s experience and capabilities,” said Phumtham, who is also commerce minister, adding that he will look into the legality of such a move.


“I believe he (Thaksin) has value to add to the government and to the people of Thailand,” Srettha said during a recent interview with Bloomberg Television in New York.


He also mentioned Thaksin’s popularity. “He was, and probably still is the most popular prime minister in the history of Thai politics,” Srettha claimed.


“To give advice and opinions is something that Thaksin could do, as he ran the country as premier for six years,” said Phumtham said, adding Thaksin, meanwhile, would like to be with his family and anything he could do for the country, he would certainly do.


Source: Thai PBS 2023-09-22


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Play the bad game until to the end:post-4641-1156694572:

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OK fine, then perhaps the first thing he should do is get rid of anyone connected or used to be connected to the Military. After 9 years of mismanagement the last thing we need is soldiers playing at being politicians.

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