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Moroccan arrested for murder of Austrian DJ on Koh Pha-ngan


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A Moroccan national was arrested for the murder of an Austrian DJ on Koh Pha-ngan yesterday. The suspect, 37 year old Anas Rakib stands accused in connection with the brutal murder of Austrian DJ Max Hartl in Surat Thani province.


Hartl’s lifeless body was discovered on Thursday, February 22, a grim sight beside a quiet roadside, his features marred by severe blunt force trauma.


Eyewitnesses pointed fingers at Rakib, alleging he was the last individual seen with the victim before his untimely demise.


The suspect’s identity emerged swiftly, casting a shadow of suspicion over what had once been a friendship between him and the 42 year old DJ.

Hartl’s grieving sister, Martina Shelley, revealed to authorities that her brother had spent years spinning tunes at a local food joint, his vibrant presence a fixture on the island’s nightlife scene.


However, beneath the surface of revelry, lies a tale of potential discord and disagreement, hinted at by Shelley’s suspicions of a fatal altercation amongst Hartl and his circle of friends, reported The Nation.

Deputy Chief of Surat Thani police, Police Colonel Sirichai Suksart, revealed chilling details emerging from Rakib’s interrogation.


Rakib admitted to a quarrel with Hartl, culminating in a shocking confession. As the truth unfolded, it became clear that what began as a night of camaraderie had escalated into a deadly confrontation.

In related news, a Thai man in Chachoengsao admitted to the brutal murder of his wife after her remains were found in a rubber plantation.


Initially reporting her missing, the 33 year old man later disclosed the violent altercation that led to him taking his 27 year old wife’s life on Tuesday, February 20, and attempting to conceal the crime by burning her body in Prachinburi province.


In other news, police are accelerating their search for a suspect vehicle in connection with the brutal murder of a woman, whose charred remains were discovered in a tyre at a dumpsite in Khon Kaen’s Waeng Noi district.


by Puntid Tantivangphaisal

Photo courtesy of The Nation


Source: The Thaiger 2024-02-25


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10 hours ago, GammaGlobulin said:

Why is the Moroccan wearing that strange green hat with the screen attached?



so as you don't recognise him when he's back out in the community in 2026.  

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18 hours ago, retarius said:

I wonder why he killed him?

Did Hartl have a visa to be a DJ? Was he here illegally? 


Many foreigners on Koh Phangan  and Thailand in general are criminals and fugitives who are finding a safe heaven in Thailand with visa free or visa on arrival liberal immigration policy, many of them staying in Thailand for 10 or 20 years on a student visa never attending the classes. This is Thailand.

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19 hours ago, webfact said:

 suspect, 37 year old Anas Rakib stands accused in connection with the brutal murder of Austrian DJ Max Hartl in Surat Thani province

suspect, 37 year old Anas Rakib, Moroccan. 


How many times does this happen. 


2 foreigners become friends in Thailand, one kills the other. 


I must say, Aussies are too friendly at times. 

People from different countries will take advantage of this friendlyness. 


Take out there fellow Aussies. 


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2 minutes ago, Startmeup said:

Many recent headlines don’t paint Koh Phan Ngan very favourable. Have these things been common over the years or just having a bad run? 

Nothing new at all, this happens all the time, most never even makes the news, it stays on the island. Koh tao isn't as bad as phangan is, it is just that those famous murders made that island stand out more. People (can) do whatever they want on that island, would not be surprised if a few dozen boedies are hidden there.

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