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Air Pollution Affects Chiang Mai’s Hotel Bookings

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13 hours ago, snoop1130 said:

The situation of forest fires in Chiang Mai continues to be severe, resulting in high levels of air pollution. This has impacted hotel bookings during the Songkran Festival.

Good, they might kick back and make some changes to the annual practice of burning.

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2 hours ago, les1 said:

We were up in the City last Friday & it was very quiet hope Songkran is a disaster...might tell them something.

I doubt they will, they are record holders in being naive and lazy in the beautiful north. Even most business owners still seem to not get that they have to offer better prices and promotions, (as well as girls), to get it ever back on track there, aside from pollution even.


They all say; yeah we will if have more customer first, yeah doesn't work that way. I don't get it to be honest, they all want 80-100-120 baht for a bad small beer there too, while they could easily sell for 60 baht and make profit on volumes, just like they do in plenty of other places in TH.


Seems they rather sell 5 beers for 80 baht than they can sell 30 beers for 60 baht (225 baht profit margin VS 750 baht profit margin). Not to mention that having a few people in a bar, also attracts more people, and that in return again attracts more freelance girls. Anyway, CM is a lost case since 2016.


Most places even further increased their prices, offering like for example <deleted>ty box wine in a garden, with a staff that doesn't care for 220 a glass. That same place used to do 120-140 a glass and prices really didn't go up that much to justify it. Result? Even fewer customers....

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7 minutes ago, Wrwest said:

Chiang Mai Expats Club cancels its regular monthly meeting due to so many fleeing the city for cleaner air.

Probably due to them being bored to tears listening to so-called experts. 

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... yep, what I'm drawing outta my bong is definitively healthier, lol.


Nah, seriously ... where was I ... yeah, just seen an early (!) forecast with 40 resp. 60% probability for rain for next Tue and Wed for up north, let's hope so, also with regard to temperature ...



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