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Iran reports explosions at airport in central Iran missiles were fired by Israel says US

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Reports of explosions at Isfahan airport in central Iran have heightened tensions in the region, with conflicting accounts emerging regarding the nature and origin of the incident.


Iranian state media initially reported explosions near an army base in northwest Isfahan, with the country's air defense system reportedly activated against suspected drones. However, a United States official told ABC News that missiles were fired by Israel, suggesting a potential military action.


This assertion was challenged by an Iranian official who claimed that Iran's air defense batteries were responsible for the explosions, denying any missile attack against Iran. Despite the conflicting reports, the Israeli military stated that warning sirens in northern Israel were a false alarm.



The incident has prompted diversions of flights from Dubai-based carriers away from Iranian airspace, and flight suspensions over major Iranian cities including Isfahan, Shiraz, and Tehran. Notably, Isfahan province hosts several Iranian nuclear sites, including Natanz, a key facility for uranium enrichment.


Despite the reported explosions, Iranian state TV has reassured the public that nuclear sites remain unharmed. The escalation follows a recent exchange of hostilities between Iran and Israel, with Iran launching drones and missiles in retaliation for a suspected Israeli strike on its embassy compound in Syria.


As tensions persist in the region, the conflicting narratives surrounding the Isfahan airport incident underscore the complexities of the geopolitical dynamics and the potential for further escalation between Iran and its adversaries.






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Funny that Israeli forces reported to US about these attacks:

~Your Highness Ostin! may we struck Iran or may we not?


~Thank you, or powerful one! We shall proceed than


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Just now, Eloquent pilgrim said:



No, they hit a Consulate, not an Embassy; it was a terrorist cell hiding in the consulate in Damascus, which Israel thankfully eliminated 

OK a consulate.


A direct military action against Iran by Israel.



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The biggest disappointment in this report is that the strike appears to be at a low level and did not target Iran's illegal nuclear programme.  That is just putting off the inevitable. 

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1 minute ago, Chomper Higgot said:

Is Iran’s nuclear program ‘Illegal’?


My understanding it was being limited and monitored under a treaty that a U.S. President ripped up. 

In the absence of that treaty why is the program ‘illegal’?



If you think that, then think again.  The sole reason for the programme is to develop nuclear weapons, and yes, that is illegal.  They were helped by both the French and the Pakistanis, no surprise there. Yes, you are right, in that the totally inadequate treaty was quite rightly torn up by the US, so there are insufficient to no checks going on. 

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1 minute ago, Chomper Higgot said:

I don’t know if five leading terrorist were killed and being saddened is not the issue.


The bombing of a consulate by Israel’s military is a direct military action against Iran.


Iran has responded and Israel has responded again.


Hence the escalation.


   Israel were responding to the Oct 7 th terror attack (when eliminating those Iranians who organised the attack)

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